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We supply every type of contractor or builder with everything needed to complete the job. From HVAC, Plumbers, Electricians, Mechanical, Erectors, Roofers, Fabricators, Sheet Metal, Manufacturers', General Contractors, Pest Control, Specialty Shops, we serve all and everyone in between.

  • In-House Tool Repair (powertools, engines, welders, torches & guages, and more)
  • Painted Fasteners ( usually 1 day; popular items already in stock )
  • Free Job-Site or Office Delivery in Houston; orders before noon; usually received that day
  • Fall Protection & Safety training available
  • Large Inventory and will stock any item you need that we currently do not stock
  • In-House Sharpening (annular cutters, cutter wheels for pipe chain, circular saw blades and more)
  • You can order anything our Vendor's offer and have it in 1-5 days
  • Convenient Will Call Area to Pick Up your order
  • UPS delivery ( receive order in 1 day in Texas; outside of Texas 2-4 days ) Overnight Red Delivery available at your request
  • Custom Solutions for your business

  • We'll work hard for your business.

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